DJ controllers are simply devices that help DJs mix music. In simple terms, they are microprocessors that provide more natural control of the software. It is good to know that DJ controllers do not mix audio signals like DJ mixers. Instead, they send signals to the software running on the computer.

Do you know that many DJ controller models are manufactured with a sound card with four output channels? It is also important to note that most of these devices use MIDI and HID to communicate with the computer via USB.

A DJ controller has emerged as one of the essential pieces of equipment that a DJ must have. It is manufactured to imitate the functions and features of a traditional turntable. If you have come across a DJ controller, then you can agree with me that indeed it is very similar to these two pieces of equipment. As a DJ, you will be able to mix tracks with software and using faders.

You should be guaranteed that you will always have an easy connection from hardware to software when using the DJ controller. DJ controller units first came into the limelight in 2004. The first DJ controller was released by Guillemot Corporation. The popular Hercules DJ controller features a soundcard with several channels with MIDI.

Guillemot Corporation had manufactured this DJ controller with style button controls, EQs, and cross-faders. However, the first DJ controller to be accepted was created and released in 2007. The highly regarded unit was manufactured by Vestax. VCI-100 was very close to a DJ mixer and two turntable setup.

The most reputable manufacturers from the United States of America began integrating soundcards into DJ controllers in 2009. That’s when innovation was developed by Pioneer through these models. CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000 were manufactured to be used in controlling DJ software. Keep in mind that this can be done without having a time code signal played to the soundcard.

After several years, Native instruments manufactured their version. As they were developing Kontrol S4, they included their innovative feature. It is said that they were the first to include a proprietary protocol and jog wheels. All these developments created over the years have served for the benefits of the users.

How does a DJ controller work? You need to connect this device to your computer or laptop for you to start the setup. Before using it, you need to map the faders and buttons to the settings. How do you ensure that everything works? It is advisable to push a particular button on your DJ controller. This enables you to see if it is in sync with the DJ software. After verifying that the DJ controller is working well, you can start your tasks.

The main features in a DJ controller include knobs, jog wheel, pads, and faders. Additionally, modern DJ controllers are manufactured with screens, buttons, and ports.

Final thoughts

Do you plan to be a DJ? In that case, you need more than just talent. A DJ controller will harness the talent in the best way possible.

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