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We're headed to Folk Alliance!

Are you going to be at Folk Alliance in Kansas City this year? We will be, and are shaking in our boots with anticipation! Here's our private showcase schedule- see you there, folks!


Happy New Year! 

2017 was quite the year for us here in The Page Turners! This is the map of everywhere we drove this year- looking at it reminds us of all the amazing music, great people, and fun times that we've had. We've been from coast to coast and back again, and now are landed and planted in Austin, TX: our new home! We can't thank everyone involved enough for making this dream a reality. We love touring, love writing new music, and love being in this band. The holidays were a blast for us- we spent the Christmas season in Taos, New Mexico, recharging with the Kendrick family and making lots of tortilla soup. Then we made our way back down to the hill country and rang in the new year camping and picking tunes on a ranch outside of Boerne, TX. Did we mention there was roasted wildhog? Oh, there was. Now, you may be asking- what's next for y'all? Well, we just posted a bunch of new shows for 2018! We're excited to be at Folk Alliance International this February, touring in March with our good pal Ethan Hawkins throughout the Southeast, and an additional tour in April-May in the Pacific Northwest and California with Max Schwartz and a few special performances with Bill Evans. Thanks for checking in. Have a happy and healthy 2018! 

New video- ' The Blackbird said'

We have a new video out of our song 'The Blackbird Said,' recorded at 25th Street Studios in Oakland, CA. Enjoy, and share if you care!

West Coast CD Release Tour

After a hefty and gorgeous cross-country drive (interstate-80 the whole time), we are officially out in the Wild West celebrating the release of our new CD! It is now available on iTunes, Spotify, etc. All the usual suspects are fair game, and you can get your copy now! Or later, if that's your thing. It was a real treat to record this music, and to now have it out in the public ether. You can find dates of where we'll be playingunder our 'shows' tab!

We're also so excited to have our good pal Max Schwartz touring with us this May and June. He's a great player and we're glad he hasn't gotten tired of our jokes since he last joined us in January! Other honoree Page Turner's coming aboard on this run include the amazing Bill Evans and Jeff Anderson. 

Singing + signing off- The Page Turners

We can neither confirm or deny...

That we've been patiently waiting all day by the front door for the UPS person to deliver our new CDs. But one thing we can confirm is that we are SO excited that they've arrived! Our debut self-titled EP officially release on May 25th, 2017, but you can pick up a special pre- release copy if you come to one of our shows before then.



March 2017 Tour

In the dregs of winter, we decided it would be wise if we made a little Spring for ourselves. That's why this March you can catch us touring down south- dates starting in New York and concluding in Atlanta, GA.

Joining us on the bass is our dear friend Mike Gaisbacher! He's a gem- you won't want to miss these shows!

Photo by Anthony Tassarotti

Photo by Anthony Tassarotti

Freshgrass 2016

BIG NEWS: we won the Freshgrass Duo Competition! Woooooo! We are so excited and thankful for this festival, our amazing families (both biological and Berklee College) and for this life of music. Thanks to Freshgrass and MassMoca for another great weekend. We'll be on the bill for Freshgrass 2017- see you there next year!

Berklee American Roots Roadshow

We were so happy to play at the September Berklee Roots Roadshow! Playing at The Red Room is always a treat. Plus we got to play alongside some of our favorite musicians, including Damn Tall Buildings, Hannah Rose Baker, Sam Leslie & Thorleifur Davidsson. Thanks, as always, to our friends at the Berklee American Roots Program.

Photo by Louise Bichan

Photo by Louise Bichan

Photo by Alex Howard

Photo by Alex Howard

Recording at Casa Camino Studios

It's been a busy month for us, including finishing up tracking our first album! It was great to be in California for a bit- we can't wait to come back. Thanks to Sam Leslie and Max Schwartz for laying it down and playing with us. Also, BIG thanks to the Kendrick family for hosting, feeding, recording, and taking care of us. Extra love to Brian for making this whole project happen. We're in the process of mixing and mastering now, but will be deciding on a release date soon. Yay! Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with release and tour dates.