How to Use a DJ Controller While Using Spotify

Are you a DJ who wants to use the DJ controller while using Spotify? You are in the right place. The good thing about this method is that it provides you with so much fun and offers enough room for creativity.

Connecting your DJ controller to Spotify and using them at the same time offers a lot of fun experiences, and you’ll also find plenty of music to play around with and come up with great mixes for your DJing.

When it comes to using a DJ controller while using Spotify, there are various DJ controllers that you can use such as:

• Pioneer DJ DDJ

• Reloop Mixon 4

• Pioneer DJ CDJ-900NXS

• Pioneer DJ DDJ-400

• Reloop Beatpad 2

• Pioneer DJ DDJ-200

There are many other DJ controllers that you can use while playing Spotify. Since Spotify has millions of tracks, you won’t have to struggle trying to find your favorite music for mixing. Spotify is quite affordable since you can stream for about $10 per month.

Is It Legal?

So, is it legal to use a DJ controller while still using Spotify? That’s a question that a lot of people ask, but there is no simple answer to it. Although there is no clear information about this, what we do know is that you can use Spotify with a DJing app or software.

The clear fact is that you can use it in your home to DJ and mix the tracks that you want. If you want to use in a public event or venue, you need to ensure that you have the required licenses that permit you to do that without breaking any law. Remember, there are laws to be followed and you have to adhere to them.

Recent Update

However, there is a recent update that was made by Spotify, which stipulated that you are not supposed to use the platform for remix or overlapping any of their content with another audio content, and this includes even other content from Spotify.

That means you will not be safe if you’re transitioning song after another using their platform, since they have clearly stipulated that in their terms and conditions section. Therefore, although the platform offers an ideal environment to carry out DJ mixing of songs and coming up with excellent tracks, it is forbidden to do that.

If you want to DJ commercially through digital music, you will need a license to do that. You can conduct more research about that to learn more.

Bottom Line

Every DJ wants to have an endless supply of classic music that the audience can relate with. Spotify is one platform that has all manner of music that a DJ could use effectively. However, as highlighted above, it is important that the DJ acquires relevant licensing if they are using Spotify on a public event.

This will ensure that the DJ is not in trouble for copyright infringement. However, there should not be any problem when one uses a DJ controller with Spotify music while at home.

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