About the Band

Harness[ing] the best and deepest parts of bluegrass and old-time sounds as their own unique springboard,” The Page Turners have a strong foothold in the American acoustic roots music scene (quote: Bruce Molsky). An award-winning group (Freshgrass 2016 Awards), The Page Turners began their story as musical friends, playing together with a mutual admiration for musical authenticity and adventure. Writing sharp and adept original music, as well as putting new twists on old favorites, they blend their love of bluegrass, old-time, country, swing, jazz, and fearless songwriting into one all-purpose seasoning of Roots music. 

The Page Turners (Carolyn Kendrick and Jake Howard) began their musical adventure as students at Berklee College of Music. They met as members of the American Roots Music Program, which is “is dedicated to exploring the rural and early American music of the first half of the 20th century; explor[ing] the lifeblood of America’s musical and cultural heritage found in a wide range of American roots music styles, including blues, bluegrass, cajun, classic country, early gospel, early jazz, folk, gospel, old-time, polka, spirituals, Tex-Mex, and western swing, among others.“ Based on these musics, The Page Turners began performing, embracing modernism and exploring new songwriting. Since their genesis, The Page Turners have recorded their self-titled debut album, and hit the pavement. The Page Turners began touring the United States early on, performing at renowned festivals such as Greyfox Bluegrass Festival, Joe Val Bluegrass Festival, Berkeley Bluegrass Festival at Freight & Salvage, The American Roots Program at Berklee Presents: A Tribute to Leadbelly (Berklee Performance Center), Freshgrass Music Festival, and others. Their efforts have brought them from coast to coast and back again, performing in twenty states in 2017 alone. In 2018, they have been invited to perform and teach for Savannah Music Festival presents: Musical Explorers, a Carnegie Hall Corporation educational program focusing on education through diverse and traditional music. 

Since graduating from Berklee College of Music, Carolyn and Jake have relocated from Boston, MA to Austin, TX to become part of the vibrant music and cultural scene in Central Texas. They are touring both East and West coasts in 2018, as well as the Midwest heartland, and planning their sophomore album. You can catch where they turn the page next. 

"The Page Turners harness the best and deepest parts of bluegrass and old-time sounds as their own unique springboard for some wonderful new music. I love what Carolyn and Jake are doing and can’t wait to hear more!”

--Bruce Molsky

"Whether performing originals, or classics by Bob Dylan, Lead Belly, or Bill Monroe, The Page Turners never fail to bring a smile.  Often poignant, occasionally humorous, always tasteful and soulful, Jake and Carolyn's fresh interpretations will have your feet tapping, your heart aching, and your spirit laughing.  -A live show is not to be missed!"

-- David Wallace, D.M.A

"The Page Turners are one of the most exciting young groups to pop up in a long while. Two fantastic players and singers who, together, blow away the typical constraints of a duo and in the variety of their playing, writing and singing create a sound much greater than the sum of the (very talented) parts."

--Joe K. Walsh